Interior Furniture

The fusion of wood and cork gave rise to CREATIVE-CORK, a brand of contemporary furniture. All pieces are handmade using the finest Portuguese traditional woodworking techniques. CREATIVE-CORK places great emphasis on the finishing and exclusivity of their objects. From furniture, sofas, pillows, to lamps – all made from natural cork. 100% Portuguese design that combines the best of nature – cork and wood – to create original pieces with a soft and pleasant touch.

Capdell is the result of combining timeless and contemporary aesthetics with the aim of creating furniture that is highly durable and can be passed down through generations. The brand’s commitment to sustainability, the environment, and nature conservation are essential principles. Comfort, the use of high-quality materials, shapes, textures, and colors in their designs are fundamental elements in achieving a strong connection between people and space.

Blasco & Vila is a Spanish brand of indoor furniture closely associated with craftsmanship, as well as strong innovation in design and technology. From armchairs, chairs, and sofas, Blasco & Vila focuses on producing contemporary furniture with sustainability and high quality as its main pillars. Each design is unique and exclusive, ensuring a perfect combination that results in product durability, comfort, and functionality.